Why Choose De Dutch?

There are almost as many reasons and ways to get into business these days, as there are businesses to get into. Franchising is currently the most popular and De Dutch is becoming a popular choice more and more!

Starting your own business, particularly the first time, stirs up a number of emotions from excitement right through to fear. It’s the fear of the unknown and fear of failure with which most of us have difficulty. Franchising, by definition, however eliminates most of the unknown and can reduce the risk involved.

At De Dutch Pannekoek House Restaurants Inc., we understand that the success of our restaurants depends on delivering 100% customer satisfaction. That can only be accomplished by having “committed” management at every location. The highest level of commitment usually comes from those with a vested interest in the business, the franchisees.

As the franchisor, we provide our franchisees with the best tools to do the job. From choosing the right franchisee and restaurant site, to providing on-going support, we are committed to making De Dutch the very best restaurant chain in the world. To bring it closer to home, we have created various categories of restaurants within our franchise model to ensure that we open the restaurant that is best suited to your community!

It’s this combination of good old-fashioned restaurant savvy and up-to-date management skills and knowledge provided by our Head Office team of professionals that have kept De Dutch successful since 1975.

When granting a De Dutch franchise, we believe that it is the beginning of a long-term relationship. For any franchise system to survive and prosper, there must be unity. Thereby, we truly believe that the success of each of us is dependent on the efforts of all of us.

The Tools

As a growing concept, with expectations of international expansion, we are always on the lookout for qualified individuals to join our family as franchisees.

Not everyone is suited to the franchise environment or, for that matter, the restaurant industry. To help make that determination, we have developed a unique and comprehensive five-step selection procedure. It allows each of us to learn about the other before proceeding. Through this procedure, each applicant fully experiences and learns to understand the operations of a restaurant franchise, and we discover if the applicant possess the skills and personal attributes to experience success.

If you think you have what it takes to become a De Dutch franchisee,  please contact Bill Waring, President, by phone: 604-543-3101 or email at bwaring [at] for more information.

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Available Franchises

Immediate Opportunities available in British Columbia:

  • Richmond

New Locations available in British Columbia:

  • Lower Mainland
  • Interior
  • Vancouver Island

Please contact Bill Waring at 604-543-3101 or by email to discuss the above opportunities.

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Good Nutrition is Our Mission.

Since 1975 when John Dys, our founder, opened the first De Dutch Pannekoek House in Vancouver , British Columbia , we have strived to uphold quality of food and service in a unique environment.